Product Related Questions

Q: What are the benefits of installing CFL or LED bulb replacing incandescent bulbs?

A: LEDs and CFLs emit the same amount of light as a traditional incandescent bulb but uses less energy. A CFL uses about 75% less energy than an incandescent and a LED uses 80% less energy. Both of these bulbs emit less heating that incandescent bulbs which saves on cooling costs as well.

Q: What should I do if a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) breaks?

A: Please review the link below for government recommendations on bulb breakage.


Q: What to do when a compact fluorescent light bulb starts to function differently?

A: All bulbs will reach the end of useful life at some point. The vast majority of CFLs will dim towards the end of their life or make a popping sound before they fail very much like incandescent bulbs.

In a few cases the bulb will release an odor and the base will discolor or warp at failure. This is a fail-safe feature that keeps the bulbs from overheating at the end of their life.  If this occurs, allow the bulb to cool and then replace it.


Q: How do I clean my showerhead or aerator?

A: You can clean your showerhead or aerator by first removing it from the fixture. Then remove any foreign particles in the showerhead or aerator. Lastly, soak the end of the showerhead or aerator with the nozzles in hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to remove any hard water build up.


Q: What is a smart power strip?

A: Even when some devices such as game consoles, printers or scanners, are switched off they still consume energy when plugged into an outlet. This is known as standby power. Having some of your electronics plugged into a smart power strip can eliminate most of the energy being wasted from standby power because it cuts off the power to the device when not in use.


Product Order Questions

Q: How long will it take my products to ship?

A: Our goal is to ship stock items within 24 hours from receipt of order.  Usual lead transit time is 2-3 days with possible additional days for specific delivery needs such as the need to schedule delivery, requirement of lift gate/pallet jack for delivery, loading dock access or any other specific delivery requirements.


Q: How is shipping calculated?

A: We offer convenient, fast shipping on all of our products. Orders over $2500 will receive free shipping. Shipping charges will be calculated after delivery on order less than $2500. These charges will include the shipping and any other special requirement for delivery. If you know of any additional needs (inside delivery, lift gate, pallet jacks, ect.;) please be sure to include this information in the Order Notes section on the checkout page. There is a $70 fee if a lift gate or pallet jack is required. You will receive an invoice after the delivery with the final order total plus any shipping charges that were incurred.  If you have any other freight related questions you can include this in the Order Notes section or call/email your AMCG account executive or customer service rep.


Q: How do I cancel my order?

A: Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-777-5655 to submit your request.


Q: How do I return products?

A: To best assist you with returning products to AM Conservation Group and properly credit your account, please fill out the form below and return it to

We will then contact you with additional instructions for returning your purchase.

Download the form

Please be aware, a 20% restocking fee may apply.

Also be sure to review our complete refund policy.


Account Related Questions

Q: Can I purchase these products if I’m not an ICF International customer?

A: No, only ICF International members may purchase these products from this site.


Q: What do I do if I am an ICF International customer but my account number is not verifying on the online store.

A: Please contact our customer service department at 1.703.934.3603 for assistance.